July 20th Sessions

Morning Sessions 1B and 1C will be held simultaneously;

1C will take place at the branch venue Esplanade.

Session Chair: Peter Yingxiao Wang

8:00~8:20Mark E. SchaferUFFCWelcome Remarks
8:20~8:45Hisham TchelepiUSCUltrasound for Clinical Applications (Tutorial)
8:45~9:10Katherine FerraraStanfordVolumetric Ultrasound Using Large Aperture Arrays
9:10~9:30Ahamed SafariRutgersAdvances in Development of Pb-free Piezoelectric Materials for Ultrasonic Transducer Applications
9:30~9:50Sheng Xu UCSDWearable Ultrasound Technology for Continuous Monitoring
9:50~10:10Lan Yang WUSTLRedefining Ultrasound Imaging

Session Chair: Marvin M. Doyley

10:25~10:40 Misun Hwang  UPENN Cerebral Microvascular Imaging in Children: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
10:40~10:55 Carolyn Bayer Tulane Multimodal Imaging of Preeclampsia
10:55~11:10 Jianxing Wu NCUT A Multi-frequency Ultrasound/Photoacoustic Endoscopic System for Colorectal Cancer
11:10~11:25 Jingfei Liu TTU Surface and Guided Wave Elastography: Ultrasound Elastography Beyond Shear Wave Elastography
11:25~11:40 Hsiao-Chuan Liu USC Measuring Mechanical Properties of Transparent Biological Samples Using Acoustic Radiation Force Microscopy for Tissue Engineering Applications
11:40~11:55 Shuliang Jiao FIU OCT Guided Multimodal Photoacoustic Microscopy

Session Chair: Xiaoning Jiang

10:25~10:40Damir B. Khismatullin TulaneNoncontact Rheological Analysis of Biological Fluids by Acoustic Tweezing Technology
10:40~10:55Jung-Yeol YeomKUAn Integrated Nuclear Medicine-ultrasound (NM-US) Imaging Probe
10:55~11:10Jian TianCTSCrystal Growth and Application of PMN-PT Based Single Crystals
11:10~11:25Mike VegaVerasonicsThe Verasonics Platform for Innovation and Development
11:25~11:40Jun Xia BuffaloOneTouch Photoacoustic Tomography for Breast Imaging
11:40~11:55Zhihai Qiu GDIISTThe Role of Mechanosensitive Ion Channels in Ultrasound Neuromodulation

Session Chair: Peter Yingxiao Wang

Siaka Fadera WUSTL
Focused Ultrasound-mediated Delivery of Anti-programmed Cell Death-ligand 1 Antibody to the Brain of a Porcine Model
Xiaoxiang Gao UCSD A Photoacoustic Patch for Hemoglobin and Core Temperature Measurement
Hao Huang UCSD A Wearable Cardiac Ultrasound Imager
Muyang Lin USSD A Fully Integrated Eearable Ultrasound System to Monitor Deep Tissues in Moving Subjects
Dingyue Zhang WUSTL MRI-guide Sonobiopsy Improves Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) Diagnosis
Minseok Koo & Taeweon Choi  SKKU
Bidirectional Control of Epileptiform Activity Using Repetitive Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Stimulations
Longwei Liu USC
Engineered Ultrasound-controllable CAR-T Cells with Enhanced Sustainability and Inducibility for Solid Tumor Therapy
Dezhuang Ye WUSTL Focused Ultrasound to Manipulate the Glymphatic Transport
Linshan Zhu USC
Synthetic TGFβ Redirector Rewiring T-cell Response and Positively Regulating CAR Function in Solid Tumor
Strassle Rojas Stephan Gatech
A 120-element, Forward-viewing 2D Array for Intracoronary Imaging with a Via-less Interconnect
Felipe Roa Utoronto Fabrication Approaches for Endoscopic 50 MHz Linear Arrays

Session Chair: Katherine Ferrara 

1:30~1:55Mattew O’DonnellUWAir-coupled Ultrasound Devices and Their Use in Optical Coherence Elastography of the Eye and Skin
1:55~2:15Christine DémoréU of  TMicro-ultrasound Technologies for Tumor Contrast Imaging 
2:15~2:35Caterina GallippiUNCRecent Advancements in Double Profile Intersection (DoPIo) Elasticity Imaging
2:35~2:55Xueding WangUMICHReal-time Volumetric Imaging of Radiation Dose Delivery During Cancer Treatment in Vivo
2:55~3:15Alfred YuUwaterlooUltrasound Vector Flow Imaging and Wall Shear Mapping for Next-Generation Cardiovascular Diagnostics
3:15~3:35Mark SchaferUFFCA Miniature Ultrasound Source for Neural Stimulation


Session Chair: Qifa Zhou

4:00~4:25Mark S. HumayunUSCProgress and future of the Retina Prosthesis
4:25~4:45Samarendra MohantyNanoscope Technologies, LLC.Pioneering New Wave of Sonogentics
4:45~5:05Zhongping ChenUCIOCE for retina and ONH
5:05~5:25Marvin M. DoyleyRochesterFunctional Ultrasound Imaging of the Visual Cortex
5:25~5:45Song LiUCLAStem Cell and Ultrasound Tool
5:45~6:15James T. CampanelliCIRMIntroduction to the Stem Cell Program in California

July 21st Sessions

Morning Sessions 2B and 2C will be held simultaneously;

2C will take place at the branch venue Esplanade.

Session Chair: Mattew O’Donnell

8:00~8:25Lihong WangCaltechPhotoacoustic, Ultrafast and Quantum Imaging
8:25~8:50Elisa KonofagouColumbiaModulation of Motor, Sensory and Cognitive Responses in the Brain and Periphery Using Focused Ultrasound
8:50~9:10Junjie YaoDuke3D Deep-Brain Imaging with Integrated Photoacoustic Tomography and Ultrasound Localization Microscopy
9:10~9:30Hong ChenWUSTLTranscranial Focused Ultrasound Device for Preclinical and Clinical Research 
9:30~9:50Lei Sun HK PolyUUltrasound Neuromodulation and Sonogenetics
9:50~10:10Cheri DengUMICHBioengineered Synthetic Neural Tissues Using Contactless Acoustic Patterning

Session Chair: Hsiao-Chuan Liu

10:30~10:45Brooks LindseyGatechForward-viewing Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging of  Time-varying Wall Shear Stress in Coronary Arteries
10:45~11:00You LiStanfordImaging Human Placental Blood Flow Using Angle-resolved Ultrasound and Deep Learning
11:00~11:15Yide ZhangCaltechUltrafast Single-Shot 3D Photoacoustic Tomography In Vivo using a Single-Element Detector
11:15~11:30Claire RabutCaltechFrom Acoustic Biomolecules to Ultrasound Imaging of Gene Expression
11:30~11:45Aiguo HanVTGeneralizable Deep Learning for Real-time Pulse-echo Sound Speed Imaging
11:45~12:00Yun JingPSUA Model-based Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Near Real-time Transcranial Photoacoustic Imaging

Session Chair: Robert Wodnicki

10:30~10:45Eun Sok KimUSCSelective Cancer Treatment with High-Frequency Medium-Intensity Focused Ultrasound
10:45~11:00Zhenpeng QinUtdallasGene Delivery to the Blood-brain Barrier and Neurons
11:00~11:15Yaoheng YangWUSTLInduction of a Torpor-like Hypothermic and Hypometabolic State by Ultrasound 
11:15~11:30Huaiyu WuNCSUUltrasound-Guided Intravascular Sonothrombolysis With a Dual Mode Ultrasound Catheter
11:30~11:45Dong-Guk PaengJejunuCarbon Nanotube Transducers to Generate Shock Waves by Laser Pulse and their Application to Brain Stimulation
11:45~12:00Rayhaneh AfjeiOUCompressed Sensing-Based Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging 

Session Chair: Peter Yingxiao Wang

John KimGatechUltrasound Super-resolution Cellular Imaging via Localization of Nanodroplets
Zhengchang KouUIUC
Grating Lobe Reduction Using Null Subtraction Imaging for an Array with Pitch Larger than a Wavelength
Yeonggeun KimPostechPatch-type Ultrasound Probe for Free Flap Blood Flow Monitoring
Runze LiUSCToward Clinic: The Application of Multi-Functional Micro-Elastography in Ophthamology
Yizhe SunUSC2D Array Fabrication with Pitch Shifted Interposer Structure at USC
Yushun ZengUSCHigh Frequency Linear Array for Small Animal Imaging
Junhang ZhangUSC
In Vivo Visualization of Visual cortex Vasculature Using Super-Resolution Ultrasound Microvessel Imaging
Gong ChenUSCSonogenetics-based Visual Prosthesis
Chi-feng ChangUSCIn Vivo High-resolution Ultrasound Elastography Measurements of Ocular Structures
Haotian LuUCLA3D Printing and Processing of High-Performance Piezoelectrics for Transducer Applications
Adnan RayesUSCNanoparticles Assisted Ultrasound Cancer Therapy

Session Chair: Hong Chen

1:30~1:50 Peter Yingxiao Wang USC Remote and Noninvasive Control of Cell Immunotherapy by Ultrasound
1:50~2:10 Robert Wodnicki USC Fabrication and Application of 2D Arrays at USC
2:10~2:30 Xiaoning Jiang NCSU Small Aperture Vortex Ultrasound Transducers for Sonothrombolysis
2:30~2:50 Chih-Chung Huang NCKU Methods for Increasing the Frame Rate of Ultrafast High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging for Doppler Measurements
2:50~3:10 Roger Zemp Ualberta Electrostrictive Ralaxor Row-column Arrays
3:10~3:30 Jae Youn Hwang DGIST Multimodal Ultrasound Biomedical Imaging for Precise Diagnosis: Integration of Artificial Intelligence


Session Chair: Tony Gover

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