This conference provides an exciting and informative event for scientists, researchers, and engineers who are interested in exploring the latest developments and advancements in the medical ultrasound engineering field. The conference will bring together experts from various disciplines including biology, physics, engineering, and medicine to share their knowledge and experience in the application of ultrasound. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers, invited talks, and participate in poster sessions to share their own research findings on ultrasound transducers as well as transducer array applications. The conference will also provide a platform for networking and collaboration among attendees and will facilitate the exchange of ideas and discussion on current challenges and future directions in ultrasound research. 

With a focus on the latest technological advancements and their application such as cancer, brain and stem cell research, this conference is a must-attend event for those looking to stay ahead of the curve and expand their knowledge in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.


The conference will cover the following topics, however presenters are also encouraged to discuss new ideas which do not fall into these specific categories. 

1.  Novel materials and technologies for ultrasound transducers

2. Novel ultrasound transducers and arrays (high frequency, flexible, adhesive, and portable devices)

3.  Ultrasound stimulation and therapy for Brain and Vision 

4. Ultrasound for cellular applications (cancer cells, stem cells, and Organoids)  

5.  Ultrasound Industry and translational study

Conference Schedule

  • 7/19 5pm-8pm Cocktail Reception

  • 7/20 7am Continental Breakfast in meeting room

  • 7/20 10am Coffee Break in meeting room

  • 7/20 5pm Dinner Buffet

  • 7/21 7am Continental Breakfast in meeting room

  • 7/21 10am Coffee Break in meeting room

  • 7/21 Meeting finishes at 6pm

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